Improve & Expand Shoreline's Park System

John Ramsdell

I will work tirelessly to improve the availability of public open space to residents, especially as population density increases along transit corridors. This is necessary for our mental health, physical health, and our health as a community.

John Ramsdell

Affordable Housing

There are few affordable housing choices currently available for middle and low-income earners in Shoreline despite the plethora of apartment buildings popping up in our community. I am excited to be involved in creating affordable housing options while preserving Shoreline’s beautiful neighborhoods.

Climate Crisis

As our planet is in an environmental crisis, Shoreline must do its part to reduce greenhouse gasses and prepare for climate-related impacts. I will support policies that reduce energy and water use, promote sustainable consumption, support green building incentives, prevent urban sprawl and assure easy access to mass transportation, including Shoreline’s future light rail stops.

Police Reform

I will advocate for meaningful police reforms, including body cameras for every Shoreline police officer and embedding both mental health professionals and social workers on the force. I partnered with police departments for nine years on potentially dangerous mental health crisis calls, and I know first-hand that this partnership works.